Chicago Bittorrent Defense Attorneys

People have devised ways of overcoming financial challenges when purchasing online products. It is for this reason that one prefers to use the BitTorrent platforms to download and share copyrighted materials without the consent of the copyright owner. In this case, people often use the materials without incurring financial costs for the use of the same materials. This hurts the owner of the copyright who is expected to earn by charging every user. BitTorrent has been seen to be a great way of sharing files without the consent of the owner. You may or may not have used it to downloaded or share a file without the consent of the owner. If this happens, the copyright owner can prosecute you in a court of law or send a notice to you. Read more great facts on  BitTorrent Defense Lawyers, click here.  

When the copyright owners send a notice to you, it will send to the IP address and not you. As soon as you get notice, you have the option of taking action to wailing for the legal process to continue. The action that you have is to settle the deal out of court with the copyright owner. Here, it is advised that you speak with a BitTorrent defense attorney. Having a lawyer gives you some advantage such as protection of your identity. In this case, the plaintiff will never come to know about your name but will only be dealing with the IP address. This protects your name from the embarrassment of using and sharing files without the consent of the owner. Still, the lawyer can negotiate with the person for a better deal. Since the accuser will only be communicating with your attorney, you will not be exposed to any form of harassment such as the use of threats.

The other option is to reply to the letter that you have received. Upon reply, the case will not between the plaintiff and an IP address, but your name will be attached to the case. You may choose to have a lawyer at this stage to do the communication between the plaintiff and you. This is nice since you will not reveal any information that could be used against you. The lawyer will file a defense against the case. He can file for the dismissal of the case which often succeeds. The attorney has more than one option of challenging the case. If you do not present a defense, the default judgment will be to ask you to pay some money to the plaintiff. Please view this site  for further details.